In this episode, Jonathan discusses the basics of the keto diet plus intermittent fasting as two simple ways of eating that helped him lose weight and stay in shape. They are lifestyle diets, not typical fad diets and are not too hard to implement. Learn how to get into ketosis fast and accelerate your fat burning with these tips.  Read More →

Are you struggling with loneliness? Loneliness and depression seem to be at an all time high. What’s the solution…connecting with others. It’s very easy to feel you are not alone by watching and connecting with others via social media, video games, and other digital mediums. In this episode, Jonathan discusses what he has learned about the importance of connecting with others.  Read More →

Have you ever lost a business? Had a loved one die? Been divorced? Or are you simply going through a difficult or painful time? Life can be hard. Bad things can happen to us or people we know. Jonathan explores some practical advice that can help to push through these difficult or dark times. Hopefully this can be helpful, enjoy!  Read More →

Is it possible to be an entrepreneur when you have other responsibilities, such as parenting? How do maintain being around and being involved in your family life while running a business or starting a business? In this episode, Jonathan interviews Jacob Reitzen, co-founder of Dude I Need A Truck, a mobile app start up company. They explore the answers to these questions.  Read More →

In this short solo episode, Jonathan talks about how a lot of people are reacting out of their upbringing. It affects all areas of life including marriage, work, and it fuels discontentment. He explains how it is freeing to understand this concept by becoming more self-aware. Enjoy!  Read More →

In this short solo episode, Jonathan shares how there is a lot of pressure in culture and social media to blindly think positive as though it will solve all of your problems. If you don’t feel positive, that is okay, and may actually be helpful. Enjoy!  Read More →

Our work is a huge portion of our lives. How do we decide what to do for our job or for a business? Should we do we provides the most income? Should we follow our passions? Follow our skills? Follow opportunities? Jonathan talks about his own experience after spending years exploring this issue by reading books, blogs, experts, and even hiring experts. Enjoy!  Read More →

Have you ever experienced some big ups and downs in life? We all have. Jonathan interviews Steven System, who has a diagnosis of bipolar, but has learned to manage his mental health. They discuss the different practices that may help anyone manage the ups and downs of life through the eyes of someone that has experienced extremes of mania and depression. Steven went from constantly up and down to dealing with his mental health to creating stability with certain practices. They look also look at how art can help with depression and how bipolar potentially should be considered a gift. Disclaimer:
I asked a group of people what was holding them back from hitting their health and fitness goals, and aside from injuries, mindset and discipline were the most common replies. It wasn’t that they don’t know what workout program to do, or how to eat, or that they didn’t have enough time. I would say they are probably correct. I do think that there are better or worse training and eating programs, but I won’t focus on that for now. Let’s assume that you have some kind of idea of what kind of training to do and how to eat. Next, you have to create the proper mindset and be disciplined.
Almost Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, but how many people actually keep them, or even attempt to pursue them. Why does this happen? What is holding you back from hitting your health, fitness, career, business, or family goals? It comes down to one thing… Your mindset and mentality… You can know the right diets, have a solid workout plans, and have the best business plan, but still not even honestly come close to getting where you want to go. You have to dig deep and ask yourself: What am I afraid of that is holding me back? What goes through my head when I avoid or shy away from