Almost Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, but how many people actually keep them, or even attempt to pursue them. Why does this happen? What is holding you back from hitting your health, fitness, career, business, or family goals?

It comes down to one thing…

Your mindset and mentality…

You can know the right diets, have a solid workout plans, and have the best business plan, but still not even honestly come close to getting where you want to go.

You have to dig deep and ask yourself:

What am I afraid of that is holding me back?

What goes through my head when I avoid or shy away from what I need to do?

Often times we get an idea with intent, but then fears, or replaying past failures in our head mess with us, and we back down from what we know we need to do.

There is all kinds of criticism, bad past experience, and things going through our head that we can’t seem to get out. It seems easier to do things the way we’ve done them.

I used to have a lot of fears

I was quite shy, timid, and avoided big social situations. I was afraid to take a gamble on myself. I thought something was wrong with me. It seemed like others weren’t afraid.

Through being a hip hop dancer/popper, getting into sales, and later going into business for myself, I had to learn to overcome some of my fears.

Here is the tricky part though.

To get through the fears, sometimes I had to just get “through” them. That’s right. You can’t always get around a fear or feel totally confident in every decision or thing you are going to do or try. So, the way to make the fears diminish some (in some cases they don’t fully go away I don’t believe), is to push through them and see that on the other side…you survived.

Here is what I found. If I was being authentic with myself and others and I was not trying to impress or be someone I was not, I generally found that my fears were quite irrational. Most people enjoyed the illusional dance style I did, they thought my input in a business meeting was good, they liked the way I was fair in negotiating a deal. It does not mean everything worked perfectly, but in many cases, what happened in reality was the opposite of my fear.

So, whatever is holding you back…afraid of changing your routine, afraid of failing, afraid of what people may think, or even fear that you won’t follow through. I encourage to pick up that fear, and carry it through the “storm” to the other side.