When I was young, I was a very shy kid. I would never talk to people that I didn’t know, I hated having to speak or do things in front of my class in school. I would always wait until all of my other classmates had done their presentations, perhaps thinking maybe somehow the teacher would forget about me. I would avoid having to meet new people in school. It’s surprising when I look back at how far I’ve come. Now, I’m still very reserved, but I am not shy. This is not the official dictionary definition of shyness, but for me, shyness was a fear of people or situations.
I was never the person who was just naturally skinny or naturally muscular. I’ve always had to put in effort to maintain a certain weight, and have tried many different ways to lose weight, and keep it off. I couldn’t eat doughnuts everyday, and still look like a muscular guy, or stay skinny like other people I know. (If you don’t know about body types, click here). I am able to put on muscle easy, but with that I can also gain fat easy. Here is the roller coaster that I rode for years. Since I was 15, I have in this order:     • Lost 25 lbs by simply
I decided to write this for 2 reasons: • I keep getting asked who I read or followed to learn about media buying, and really, there wasn’t anyone, I simply learned by doing and watching competition. I also get a lot of inquiries to run ads for companies, but I am very selective about who I work with nowadays. So, why not offer up information for others to benefit from. • Some experts are horrible at teaching their skill set. I’ve coached and showed a handful of people and companies, and all of them have had mild to extreme success, so, I’d like to think that
Let’s face it…pain exists in the world. The people that say,"Oh, pain doesn’t exist, it’s just there to teach you, life is just good," I wonder how many of them have had cancer, grew up in an abusive home, or lost a child. Now, maybe they have dealt with some trauma, but simply have ignored the reality of it to not have to work through it. The reality is that pain does exist, but we can learn to get through it. It can be hard and take effort, but we will all experience difficult periods in life. These are some practical ways that myself and others in a painful
A little over a year ago a friend of mine was telling me about his start up. Having been in online advertising for about 10 years, I am always interested in new products and marketplaces, so, like usual I listened and asked questions about it. I have a lot of people trying to tell me about or pitch me on selling their product or service or site, and unfortunately, I typically have to politely let them down. However, this product was intriguing. My friend was telling me how it helps you find lost or misplaced things using bluetooth and GPS. The product is called Tile. He told me their intentions
Systems can help alleviate variance and they create predictability by simplify life thus helping produce a result. They free up your mind from wondering, guessing, or forgetting by planning and automating. Systems and automation can be used to be more efficient and maximizing your time and results. I use a lot of “weird” systems. For example, when I eat breakfast everyday at a local coffee shop, I always drink my espresso first so I absorb as much caffeine as possible because if I eat the food first or eat while drinking it, I won’t absorb as much of the caffeine. Also, my breakfast
Although I am “in shape” now, it has not always been that easy. I have been lean enough to have veins on my stomach and back, and I have felt overweight enough to be uncomfortable in my clothes or at the beach (probably around 25% body fat at those times). The good news for me is that I’ve figured out for myself what it takes to get in shape and look close to my “ideal” image of how I’d like to look. The bad news is that it takes me a lot of effort. I’ve never been the guy at the gym that eats McDonald’s every day, drinks soda, and skips working out for a month at a time and still
People trying to solve these kinds of mysteries tend to isolate the cause of the problem to one simple variable, such as, addiction is purely brain chemistry or addiction is from one’s genetics. Although I think things like brain chemistry can eventually play into addictions, I do think that it makes a lot of sense as to why being an isolated person without many deep connections with other people would turn to substances, gambling, or sexual addictions to feel a “rush” or to “medicate” the pain of loneliness they might be feeling. Also, consider that although people are all around us,