I asked a group of people what was holding them back from hitting their health and fitness goals, and aside from injuries, mindset and discipline were the most common replies. It wasn’t that they don’t know what workout program to do, or how to eat, or that they didn’t have enough time.

I would say they are probably correct. I do think that there are better or worse training and eating programs, but I won’t focus on that for now. Let’s assume that you have some kind of idea of what kind of training to do and how to eat. Next, you have to create the proper mindset and be disciplined. So, what are some ways to do that? Here are a few quick concepts to get you on the right path.

Be Systematic

Consistency and planning with even a decent training program is better than going to they gym randomly and leaving eating up to chance.

Plan ahead and be consistent on when you are going to do your training. Make the choice ahead of time. If you leave things up to “maybe,” then, it gives your mind room in the moment to say no. So, plan ahead that you are going to train at a certain time. Also, plan to eat certain meals, or bring your lunch to work, then, you are less likely to go eat somewhere bad.

I like to eat the same handful of meals for breakfast and lunch, then, I leave dinner up to choice, but of course, don’t make dinner ice cream or something. It is easier to just know what you are going to eat and know the health value of it. Also, when you are hungry, your mind tends to say,”feed me anything,” and diet can go out the window.

Do Activities That You Enjoy

I hate running. I used to be a sprinter and ran the 400 meter dash and that was long enough for me. I don’t do half marathons and haven’t run over 2 miles in about 15 years. I literally can’t run on a treadmill more than 15 minutes without getting bored out of my mind. Some people love running, and that’s fine. In fact, that is my point.

I have lifted weights consistently, besides injuries, for 17 years (more than half of my life). Some people can’t stand weight training. I also train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts because I enjoy it. I also surf when I can. Try different activities and find one, or a group of them that you like. If you tend to get bored, then mix things up.

Some activities are better than others, but for the sake of this article being about mindset and discipline, remember that anything consistent is better than nothing or inconsistency.

Have Goals

Goals keep your mind motivated and attracted to what you are trying to accomplish. Start small and build up from there. If you are lifting weights, try to do a certain amount of weight for a certain amount of reps, and when you can do it, go up weight.

Measure your results. Get scales and body fat testing equipment. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Have a certain weight and body fat goal that you want to reach. Track how far you ran, how long an activity took, how much weight you lifted, or whatever you are trying to accomplish. I’ve found Fitbit to be relatively active and good for tracking calories burned and what foods I ate. I broke it doing jiu jitsu, but I was able to know in my mind about how much I could eat and work out and don’t have to “count calories” anymore.

The good news is that if you have the right mindset, discipline and are systematic, getting results can happen quite fast and quite drastically. Later, I will get into even more about how your mindset and systematic approach to fitness can also help in other areas of life.